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Back Then...

In 1966, Tom and Joan Kerns purchased the Edgewood Locker. It was housed in a rented older building in the Downtown area of Edgewood, Iowa. Tom was a farmer by trade and Joan was a Registered Nurse. They had one full-time and one part-time employee. At this time, they were your typical home town locker that offered custom processing and locker storage for your meat.

Growing Periods...

In 1970, Tom & Joan purchased an old creamery building on the north edge of town, and with mostly their own labor, they remodeled it. At this time there were 4 employees. During the 70's, their sons Terry and Jim started working with their parents, and in 1980 Tom and Joan formed a partnership with their sons. During the next 16 years the business expanded into new territories including deer processing, catering, and a retail outlet. Six major remodeling projects helped the business accommodate their new endeavors.

In 1996, big decisions had to be made. The business had outgrown the facility. Although realistically it was a pretty good facility, it was clear if they wanted to continue to serve their customers in the best possible manner something needed to change. The decision was made to build a new facility that opened in the spring of 1997. This new facility opened a new era for Edgewood Locker, Inc. and it helped bring our services to a new level. While we still operate under the same small family business principles, we have the tools, the technology, and the knowledge to produce the best products possible.

In 2003 Edgewood Locker West expanded our business into another county and created new customers. At the time, this facility offered a retail shop, and custom processing, just like the home plant in Edgewood.  The Arlington facility was then sold in 2015.  The Edgewood Locker Event Center was purchased and renovated in 2013, giving the community a place for events, big or small.

Four of Terry & Jim's children have now joined in the business as the 3rd generation. Katie, Baili, Payson, & Luke plan to continue to help the business flourish on the roots it has been given by Tom & Joan, and Terry & Jim.


Today's Edgewood Locker is a much different place than it was 50 years ago. From the original 2 employees, we now have around 50 full time employees and about 40 part time and seasonal employees. Custom processing is still the backbone of our business. In 2018, we processed 3,766 hogs and 1,594 beef. It was our largest volume of beef and pork processing in one year. Deer processing has grown into a major part of our business, and in the 2018-2019 Deer Season hunters brought in 3,962 whole deer and over 180,000 pounds of boned out trim to make into their favorite deer products.  That is over 485,000 lbs of our homemade deer products!  Another service that we offer is a full catering service that can take the worry out of your special day. No matter if it's a small family gathering, or a large business outing we have the trained staff to take the worries out of your meal on your special day. Our retail outlet has been growing steadily, and we have a full line of our award winning products for you to serve to your family. Stop in today!


Although many things have changed, the one thing that hasn't is our commitment to be the best at what we do. As the third generation of Kerns' continue to grow in the business, we plan on being here to "meat" your needs for many years to come!

In December of 2018, our products were featured on the Today Show in their Mail Order Gift Guide for Foodies!  Check it out below!

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