Going Green


At the Edgewood Locker we have been doing our part to leave less of a footprint on our environment by utilizing renewable energy.  A major step that we have taken is installing Solar Panels to use green energy to power our buildings.  Solar energy is an excellent alternative energy source, as it is waste-free and uses the energy of the sun, which is readily available.

There are 84 panels on Edgewood Locker, Inc. working to run the day to day operations.

Click Here to see our kilowatt-hours production!

Edgewood Locker Event Center has 84 solar panels on its roof to help power the building and all of its events, no matter how big or small!  These panels supply almost 100% of the electrical consumption at the Event Center!

Even at home, Terry had 48 Solar Panels installed to power his acreage.

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