For more than 30 years, our Edgewood Locker, Inc. Catering Team has worked to earn the respect and trust of it's customers. No matter how big or small the order, this family owned business takes great pride in every catered job. The Edgewood Locker Catering Service offers several exciting menu options for your special day.

Edgewood Locker, Inc. only offers top quality products and friendly service. Our goal at the Edgewood Locker is to make your celebration a worry-free and memorable event.

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As a progressive family owned business in Northeast Iowa, the Edgewood Locker is committed to being in business for the long-haul. Throughout the years the Edgewood Locker has made many changes to better serve customers and ensure long-term success. In the last few years, the Edgewood Locker has experienced a significant increase in the demand for our retail and wholesale products as well as custom processing services.

  • Custom Processing - we've filled (booked) all available processing slots through February of 2021 on beef and hogs. Deer season continues to be an important subsegment of custom processing as well.
  • Wholesale Meats - We've recently added a delivery route and have 60+ independent retail locations selling our products. An expanded facility in Edgewood is being planned primarily to facilitate additional wholesale business growth.
  • Retail Meats - We believe there is a trend in the marketplace with customers desiring to purchase locally processed meat products by the package, and that the trend will continue. In addition, we have seen unprecedented demand from customers wanting to fill their freezers with locally raised quarters and halves of beef and half and whole hogs. We have sold out of these quarter, half, and whole animals through March of 2021.

The markets above are Core to the Edgewood Locker's long term growth strategy. In order to ensure our long-term success, it's the belief of the Edgewood Locker Management that we need to focus 100% of our energy and efforts on these three critical areas.

As a result of this focus, the Edgewood Locker has made the decision to transition out of the Catering and Event Center businesses.

So what does this mean?

  • We will not be booking any additional Catering events going forward.
  • We will continue to book events at the Edgewood Locker Event Center
  • The Event Center and Catering businesses will be placed on the market available For Sale either as a package deal or separately, depending on the potential buyer(s). Real Estate will be included with the Event Center sale. The sale of the catering business will be non-Real Estate Assets only. If/when these businesses are sold, the name "Edgewood Locker" would no longer be associated with either business under new ownership.
  • What about events already scheduled/booked:
    • Event Center -
      • We will NOT be cancelling any events that have already been booked.
      • If/when the event center is sold, the new buyer will have the opportunity to choose whether to go ahead with the scheduled events or to work with the renter to make new arrangements.
      • If the renter or the new buyer choose to cancel an event, all deposits will be refunded.
    • Catering –
      • We will NOT be cancelling any events scheduled to take place before January 1st of 2021.
      • If a customer chooses another caterer, the Edgewood Locker will refund any deposits paid.
      • Any events scheduled after January 1st of 2021 will have the deposit refunded. Customers will need to choose another caterer.
  • Special Event Menu (Formerly Ala Carte) –
    • The current plan is to continue to offer meat options for special events that can be picked up at the Edgewood Locker.
    • It remains to be seen what the rest of the Special Event menu will look like, but non-meat offerings may be significantly reduced. Timing of the transition will depend on multiple factors.
  • Non-Meat products sold in the retail area such as corn casserole -
    • It remains to be seen which products produced by the Catering department will be offered in the retail store going forward.

While the decision to exit these segments of our business was not taken lightly, we feel it will ultimately help ensure the long-term success of the Edgewood Locker. More importantly, this decision will allow us to better serve our custom processing, wholesale, and retail customers.

Looking ahead, we are excited to announce that in the fall of 2019 we acquired two acres to the North of our current facility and that we're actively acquiring fill dirt so we can begin construction of an additional connected facility in the next year or two. Now, as we look to design this expanded facility, we will be able to optimize our square footage while being 100% focused on our three categories of growth (custom processing, wholesale, and retail).

As a result of exiting the Catering and Event Center businesses the Edgewood Locker will NOT be reducing employment numbers. Instead, all employees that are employed in Catering or the Event Center will be offered opportunities in our core business. Once our expanded facility is built we will look to add at least 12 full time employees which will bring our total number of full time employees to over 65.

Throughout our many years in the catering and event center businesses we’ve employed hundreds of great employees. The success over the years would not have been possible without them, and for that we want to say “Thank You” to each and every one of them.

The team at the Edgewood Locker sincerely wants to thank all the customers that have supported our catering and event center businesses in the past years. We look forward to serving you in the future with our custom processing services and meat products.


Edgewood Locker, INC.

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