Animal Drop Off Information

When Can I Drop Off My Animals?

All animals must be booked in advance by using our online scheduling form or by calling the Edgewood Locker.

Preferred drop-off times depending on your scheduled custom slaughter appointment:


  • Monday: Between 6 am & 9 am.
  • Tuesday: Monday afternoon between 3 pm & 4:30 pm OR Tuesday Morning between 6 am & 9 am.
  • Wednesday: Tuesday afternoon between 3 pm & 4:30 pm OR Wednesday Morning between 6 am & 9 am.
  • Thursday: Wednesday afternoon between 3 pm & 4:30 pm OR Thursday Morning between 6 am & 9 am.
  • Friday: Thursday afternoon between 3 pm & 4:30 pm OR Friday Morning between 6 am & 7:30 am.

If we have approved your animals for inspection, please call us to confirm when we need your animals to be dropped off.

If you have questions or need to make other arrangements outside of these times, please call us at 563-928-6814.

What Do I Do When I Arrive At The Edgewood Locker?

First, you'll stop in the front retail area to go over information and pick up tags. We will then send you back to the chute and notify our guys you are here.

When unloading, it is very important to properly back up your trailer tight to the unloading chute. A member of our staff will OK your trailer position before you begin unloading.

Animals are the responsibility of the owner until the animal is secured in the Edgewood Locker pens. It is not the responsibility of our staff to guess the live weight of animals. If it matters which animal goes to who, we must know before the animals get unloaded.

What Information Do I Need?

Legally, we must know the names and phone numbers of who the animal is going to at the time of drop off.

If you are bringing in more than one animal and it matters which goes to who, please have that information ready.

Carcass weights are available the next day following animal slaughter. If you would like to know the weight of an animal please have the following information:

  • Slaughter date.
  • Name(s) of who the animal is going to.

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Processing Information For Your Customers

Beef hang for a minimum of 7-10 days. We assure each customer that we are cutting their beef at most optimal time. We need each customer's processing order within a week of being dropped off so we are prepared to cut the beef when the time comes.

Hogs require much less hang time and will be cut the day following drop off. Those orders must be placed prior to the hog being dropped off OR the day the hog is dropped off.

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