Ship to Home

Although we will do what we can to get packages shipped out on time, we cannot guarantee that packages will not be delayed due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances that UPS may face.  Packages that are delayed may or may not still be good, depending on if they are still below 40 degrees when they arrive at your location.

These items include dry ice and/or ice packs, and a cooler in the price, to be shipped out.




As an USDA Inspected plant, we are able to ship our products throughout the United States for personal use, or for retail sale. We usually ship orders through UPS Ground on Mondays in coolers with dry ice and/or ice packs.  Day of arrival varies depending on the location being shipped to.  If shipping to the following states, please call us rather than placing your order online so we can see what shipping zone you fall into: Arizona, California, Florida, Idaho, Oregon, or Washington.  Shipping is in addition to any processing or product charges. Click Here for more pricing information, or to get a quote for a custom order email Chrystal or call (563) 928-6814

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