Special Announcement:  Edgewood Locker Sells the Edgewood Locker Event Center and Catering Business to Local Edgewood Business .

On May 14, the Edgewood Locker announced the transition out of the catering and Event Center Businesses in order to focus on custom processing, retail meat, and wholesale meat.  This past week the owners of Café Rosé and Pie-Eyed & Flakey have reached an agreement with the Edgewood Locker to purchase the Event Center and Catering businesses on November 1st.  The new business, Edgewood Events & Catering, will leverage the extensive experience of the Edgewood Locker and Café Rosé to bring outstanding catering services and events to Northeast Iowa.  Both businesses believe this deal is win-win and a positive step for the town of Edgewood.

What about catering events and events already booked at the Event Center in 2020 and 2021?

The events are not cancelled.  The Edgewood Locker and Edgewood Events & Catering are working together to ensure a seamless transition.  Customers with booked events have been or will be contacted to discuss the transition to Edgewood Events & Catering.

Will the Edgewood Locker continue to offer prepared foods in their retail store?

The Edgewood Locker will continue to offer meat options for special events that can be picked up cold at the Edgewood Locker.  Edgewood Events & Catering will be providing the non-meat options.

Who should be contacted to book catering events or the Event Center? 

For customers interested in booking a catering event or the Edgewood Event Center contact Rose Totman at Café Rosé, Phone 563-928-6908, email caferose@iowatelecom.net or Marge Rhines at Pie-Eyed & Flakey at 563-928-7458, email pieshop@windstream.net.

To learn more about the new owners, visit www.caferoseiowa.com

The Owners and Employees of the Edgewood Locker are extremely grateful for your business and support over the years.  The Edgewood Locker has no doubt the new owners of the Edgewood Events and Catering will exceed your expectations and take these businesses to the next level.

Event Center New Owners
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