Special Announcement about the 2020-2021 Deer Season:

Deer Loyal Customers:

In the last few months we have received numerous questions about whether we will be processing deer meat for the upcoming deer season. We are pleased to announce that we do in fact intend to process deer this fall and winter. For the most part it will be "Business as Usual" for deer processing, but we are making a few changes:

Deer Season Open House: Each Fall for the past 29 years we have invited deer hunters to our facility for tours and product sampling. For the fall of 2020 we will not be hosting an Open House at our processing facility. We also will not be hosting a Hunting Expo at the Edgewood Locker Event Center. While this decision was not taken lightly, we believe this was the right decision to ensure we can focus our efforts on providing the highest quality products to as many custom processing customers as possible.

Quartered Deer: The Edgewood Locker will no longer accept quartered and bone-in portions of deer. All deer meat must be brought in either as a hide-on whole carcass or as clean boneless trim. Boneless trim must be in food-grade containers. Garbage bags are not food-grade and therefore meat will not be accepted that arrives in garbage bags. We have also made the decision to no longer accept quarters and bone-in portions of other wild game species such as elk.

Deadline for bringing in boneless trim for processing: Any boneless deer trim from the 2020-2021 season must be received at the Edgewood Locker by July 1st, 2021. We will not accept any prior-season deer meat that arrives after July 1st.

HUSH Program: The Edgewood Locker will no longer participate in the HUSH program. The HUSH program was created to allow hunters to donate their whole deer carcasses to the Food Shelf. The DNR provides funds to the processing plant with the intent of covering processing costs. Unfortunately, the funds provided to the processing plants from the DNR per deer have not changed in ten years, while processing and labor costs have continued to increase to the point that our processing costs are significantly higher than the payment from the DNR. The lack of funds combined with our facility and labor limitations during deer season are the driving forces behind our decision to step away from the HUSH program. At the Edgewood Locker feel it's critical to give back to those in need, so we are pleased to announce we'll be providing a $1500 meat donation to the Clayton County Food Shelf.

Processing deer at the Edgewood Locker is not a sideline

Deer processing is an integral part of our business and was the driving force behind the construction of our new facility in 1997.  With over 50 homemade deer products to offer, we are confident you will be 100% satisfied.  Whether you bring your deer in field-dressed, quartered, or boned-out, we will process your deer in the most efficient and wholesome manner possible.

During the 2018-19 deer season, we processed 3,962 whole deer carcasses.  In addition, our customers brought in over 180,000 lbs of boneless deer to be made into our award winning sausage.  That is over 485,000 lbs of homemade deer products!

Deer processing prices & products offered

Click the link below to print the deer prices & product sheet and make your selections before you hunt to expedite the process when you drop off your deer.

April 1st through July 1st, when we are not processing as much deer, please keep in mind that we do not offer all of the options in the below list.  Call us with questions on what is or isn't available.

We will not accept any Deer without a Deposit!

  • A $100.00 deposit is required per deer.
  • A deposit of $1.00/lb is required for clean, boneless trimmings.
  • Quartered or other bone-in wild game will not be accepted.

NOTE: We accept the EBT Card for processing.

Preparing deer for processing

Please download the following Brochure for full delivery & care guidelines for your deer/trim.

  • We reserve the right to refuse any trim not properly handled.  Treating your deer with care will yield a high quality product.
  • When bringing in trim for sausage no fat, hair, or bloody pieces are acceptable.
  • We no longer accept wild game that is bone-in.  It must either be a whole carcass or clean, boneless trimmings.
  • We strongly discourage trim brought in that is pre-ground.
  • Pork trim must be purchased from or processed by the Edgewood Locker.
  • All processed deer must be picked up and paid for in full within ten days after you are notified that it is ready.  Deer not picked up will be subject to a storage fee.
  • When your order is completed we will notify you by text message, phone call, or email.  It is extremely important that you give us your correct phone number, address, and email address when the deer is dropped off.
  • We prefer you bring in your whole carcass deer to us hide on…it does not save you any money by skinning it yourself. In fact, it costs more!
  • Every year, after July 1st, we will no longer accept deer meat from any previous seasons.
  • We WILL NOT accept deer that is in garbage bags, as they are not intended for food use.  You may put your deer trim in food grade containers.  If you need some, we have food grade bags for sale, that can be used instead.
Join us for our 22nd Annual Deer Hunter's Open House on Sunday, November 4th from 12 PM - 5 PM
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