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Edgewood Locker Charitable Donation Policy

The Edgewood Locker is committed to supporting causes that improve the quality of life for the residents of the greater Edgewood area. We frequently make donations of cash, goods, or services to local schools, civic groups, and church groups in the communities we serve.

All parties requesting financial support from the Edgewood Locker must complete a Charitable Donation Request form. The completed form should fully explain the nature of the contribution being sought and include all requested documentation. The Charitable Donation Request form is only available on our website. All required documentation should be submitted to the Edgewood Locker following the directions provided below.

Contributions Policy

  • Priority is given to 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations.
  • Requests should be submitted at least 30 days prior to the event to give proper time to evaluate the request.
  • Complete proposals include a description of the organization, its mission and major accomplishments, and a list of current board members and key staff.
  • Nonprofit organizations should submit their tax-exempt letters from the Internal Revenue Service with their contribution requests.
  • Complete proposals will be considered every other week by the ownership of the Edgewood Locker.
  • Incomplete proposals or those with deadlines within 30 days of submission may not be considered.

Preferential consideration is generally given to requests where the following apply:

  • The recipient is a local community organization in Edgewood or another community within a 20-mile radius.
  • Money donated will be spent in Edgewood or another community within a 20-mile radius.
  • Money donated will directly benefit residents within a 20-mile radius of Edgewood.
  • Money donated will benefit a significant group of people (as opposed to a single person).
  • The Edgewood Locker receives recognition for its donations.

The Edgewood Locker does not make charitable donations to for-profit or political organizations. For-profit organizations seeking sponsorship may submit requests which will be evaluated by the Edgewood Locker on a commercial basis for the advertising and marketing benefit such sponsorships would provide to the Edgewood Locker.

In order to accommodate contribution requests, the Edgewood Locker may choose to donate promotional items that could be used by the requesting party.

Completed Charitable Donation Request applications and supporting documentation may be submitted using the form below.

Please direct questions regarding Edgewood Locker’s Donations Policy to Luke Kerns at (563) 928-6814.

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