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Tom and Joan Kerns started the Edgewood Locker in 1966. Fast forward 56 years and the Edgewood Locker has become the premier wholesale, retail, and custom processing provider in Northeast Iowa. The third generation is leading the business into a new growth phase. This growth is exciting, and we want you to be a part of it as a wholesale customer.

The Edgewood Locker has been wholesaling meat for roughly ten years. There are currently around 100 stores selling Edgewood Locker products. Many of these stores report that their overall sales and profits have increased significantly since they began to sell Edgewood Locker products. Below are some key points to keep in mind as you consider retailing Edgewood Locker products:


  • Reputation – The Edgewood Locker is known throughout the region for quality meat. When customers find out a retailer offers Edgewood Locker meats, foot traffic increases.
  • Quality – Edgewood Locker is known for producing the highest quality meat products.
  • Product Variety – The product list is pages long. On brats for example, there are 34 available flavors.
  • Increased sales – Customers will come to your store to buy Edgewood Locker products, and while they’re there they will buy other items.
  • Frequent delivery – We deliver once per week. Orders placed on Sunday by 5:00 PM will be delivered in no more than 8 calendar days.
  • Commitment – Edgewood Locker is in this for the long-haul. We won’t be gone next week.
  • Local Iowa Company – We live and work in Eastern Iowa just like you do. We believe partnering with other Iowa companies is mutually beneficial. We also believe customers appreciate buying local products from locally owned stores.

If you’d like more information on products, pricing, terms, delivery, or anything else please contact us.

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