#NationalPancakeDay is next Tuesday! Stop in and buy some Blueberry Maple Brats so you can be prepared! Have you ever tried wrapping Blueberry Maple Brats with your pancakes, and dipping them in Syrup? It’s Delicious! #FoodFriday

Taco Brats

Our Taco Brats are delicious anyway, but have you ever tried eating them like a Taco? All you need are some tortilla shells, and anything else you would want to add! We added Lettuce, Sour Cream, Salsa, & more Cheese! Enjoy!  #FoodFriday

Turkey & Dressing

One of the most popular products this time of year is our Turkey & Dressing Sandwich mix. The fully cooked mix is a quick and easy option for any meal whether it be a graduation party or family supper. Place your orders today!

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