When Can I Drop Off My Whole Carcass Deer?

Whole carcass deer are preferred to be dropped off during our normal business hours.  However, we now have an after-hours drop off available for early hunting seasons.

Boned out deer can only be dropped of during normal business hours.

What Do I Do When I Arrive At The Edgewood Locker After Hours?

Pull your vehicle around to our after-hours early season drop off cooler (map below)

Early Season Dropoff Map

The following instructions are also listed in the cooler for your convenience:

  • Please completely fill out the envelope in the first slot of the desk.
    • Insert deposit into envelope, or write credit card number on envelope for deposit
    • Seal envelope, fold in ½, and deposit into locked drop box.
  • Make sure your deer is properly field dressed prior to bringing it to Edgewood Locker.
  • Grab a red tag (looks like a wristband) from the second slot of the desk and write on it the ‘name you would like the deer processed under:’. This name MUST match what you put on the envelope.  Attach it to your deer as shown on the picture in the dropoff cooler.
  • Make sure that the back legs of the deer are spread open to allow for proper cooling. Pull deer into cooler towards the back.
    • Use one of the provided S-Hooks as needed.
  • Don’t forget to call 563-928-6814 the next business day with what you want done with your deer OR place your order online now at https://edgewoodlocker.com/wholedeerform/
  • Please be sure that cooler door is shut tight when you leave!

What Information Do I Need?

You will be asked to write the name from the registration tag, the name we are processing the meat under, address, phone number, and a form of payment for the $150.00 deposit.

IF you want any form of horns saved you MUST communicate that when filling out the envelope upon arrival. If nothing is marked it is assumed you do not want to keep and will be discarded.

Fill Out Your Cut Order To Prepare For Dropoff!

You may fill out the following form before dropoff, before the next business day after dropoff.


Is There Anyone I Can Call With Questions After Hours?

During Business Hours, please call our main phone number with questions at
(563) 928-6814

For Questions outside of business hours, the following numbers are available to call:
(563) 608-6508 - Payson
(563) 608-0566 - Luke
(563) 920-6839 - Katie
(563) 920-3529 - Baili
(563) 920-4814 - Terry
(563) 920-4838 - Jim

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